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Welcome to Chemistry!
Upcoming Activities
Problems 18,19,20 and 22 due Feb 28. Also 8.7 #1- 4
HW assigned in class Due Tuesday Feb 27 worksheet 8.5 # 1-9
Acids and Bases slides
Slides on solutions and molarity
Key for 7.6 More practice with LR & ER
Limiting reactant lab today!
Please go to stoichiometry for link for simulation
Stoichiometry slide show, notes and worksheet
key for worksheet given out today
Worksheet for HW Due Jan 29
Notes slides for Jan 23, homework from Jan 19
Notes slides and homework from Jan 17
Notes slides and homework from Jan 17
Types of reactions Lab
Classwork and homework from Jan 16
Homework Due Jan 11
Notes, slides and homework from Jan 8
HW and classwork from Jan 3
Unit 5 worksheets and slide shows
Unit 4 review worksheet
slide show on VSEPR and Hybridization