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Welcome to Kindergarten at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy 2018-2019
Days of the Cycle: October
Upcoming Events
Word Wall Words
Reader's Workshop Tips
Great Website
Singapore Math / Math in Focus
KC Class
Winter in our Woods
Children's Illustrator to visit SCH Kindergarten Girls
Brave design thinking
Finding Galls
Painting our mothers with love, like Mary Cassatt
Using ipads to record stories of bravery
CEL work linked with Financial Literacy
Mini Spaceships to think about Mae Jemison
New Sign-Up for Games & Cooking
K CEL Work: Mini Insect Hotels
Running Like Wilma Rudolph on our SCH Track
Feeling Thankful
Symmetrical Designs
Brave Balancing...
Kindergarten Girls October CEL project: Insect Hotels
All About Me poems
A you brave enough to play Monster Math?
Painting Flowers like Georgia O'Keeffe
November Newsletter
Brave Tree Climbers
Book Character bravery leads to brave imaginings...
Defining what is means to be BRAVE
Apple Mountain Hike
Historical Brave, Smart Women posters on display in KC
Celebrating Halloween with our Senior Partners
Visiting Author
Our hight chart is complete!
Our Favorite Eric Carle Books
Build a clock? Yes, we can!
Halloween Poems
Sink or float Witch's Brew
Mural Collage based on an Eric Carle book
Estimating all year long with our weekly Guessing jar
Morning, Noon and Night List Poems
Learning ipads skills can be silly...
Thinking about Halloween...
Eric Carle story leads to a color experiment...
Using an Eric Carle book to stretch our imaginations!
Firefly Flight
We can measure!
Hike to find invertebrates...
Painting like Eric Carle
Eric Carle Author / illustrator study
Meeting the SCH Lion...
Kindergarten Chicken
Word Houses about our homes!
Draw a house on a computer...
Mural work required teamwork
Woodworking bench is open!
Classroom mailbox promotes writing!
Design Teams Work together to help classroom rabbits
Bunny Cage Designs Explained
October Parent Conference sign-up
Dismissal Sheet Form
Connecting math & literature & art!
Graphing with our faces!
We are authors!
FUNdations video
2nd Grade SCH "Sisters"
Readers Read the World
Science lesson on using magnifying glasses
Designing Houses using pattern blocks
Meet the KC Girls
Learning looks like this in kindergarten...
Bringing a book to life!