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Welcome to Kindergarten at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy 2017-2018
Upcoming Dates
Word Wall Words
KC Class of 2030
An assembly introduced us to a brave, smart girl astronaut!
Design a castle? We can do it!
Marionettes are made!
Castle Subtraction Stories
Our study of castles has begun!
Kindergarten scratch
Animal Experts Share their Knowledge
Briar Bush Nature Center Visits with live animals!
Celebrating Chinese New Year on Wednesday, February 21st
Hear Our Animals Talk!
Kindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day
Letters To Our Animals
Love Stories
Photos with our animals?!
Making Paper
Needle Point: Design Ideas through stitchery!
Clay Animals Move Through Their Habitats!
Celebrating the Winter Olympics
Building Collaboration leads to giant nest...
Animal In Winter Addition Stories
Snowy Day Hike
Designing Chairs
Footprint Mural
Designing animals using pattern blocks!
Finding footprints in the snow...
Research through painting
MLK Community Service Work: Breakfast Bags
Valentine's Day
Hidden Animal Habitat
Follow up after a special assembly
Animal Finger Puppets
Animal Research has begin!
Pennsylvania animals we are researching
Animal Track Search
MLK Community Service Work
Explaining our design ideas for our Christina Katerina boxes
Designing Like A Brave, Smart Book Character!
Two Voice Poems
Bird Watching lead by Mrs. Szalay
CEL work linked with Financial Literacy
Moms Painted with Love
Acrostic Poems for Mom
Class Letter to Mae
Kindergarten Runs Like Wilma
Thankful for the animals hike with our SCH Sisters
We are thank for...
Running Like Wilma Rudolph on our SCH Track
Writing & illustrating our own brave math stories!
Brave Rock Wall Climbers!
Kindergarten Teamwork makes the Balance Beam Balance!
Fall Kindergarten Collaboration Project: "How To" posters
We made Monsters to bravely play a math game!
Painting Flowers like Georgia O'Keeffe
Stewards of the Earth
Brave Hike...
Thanksgiving Baskets to fill to help others
Bravely Climbing the Magic Tree
Using our imagination to show bravery...
Symmetrical Designs
2017 Hike to Apple Mountain
Coin identification work
Guessing Jar - weekly estimation!
Spooky Halloween poems...
Sink or float?
Poems about the day
Class Letter
Flying like Fireflies
We made Eric Carle inspired clocks!
Math work on ipads
Connecting with literature through shaving soap?!
Coming soon... Flight of the KC Fireflies!
Process of making Eric Carle inspired frieflies
Making paper like Eric Carle
Kindergarten Blue & Gold Day Photo
We met the SCH Lion!
Kindergarten is in charge of a LSG chicken!
Second Grade SCH "Sisters"
LSG Community Wings
Back to School Night
Scientists are observers...
We used teamwork to design a city scape mural!
Designing New Bunny Cages
Spirals can create houses!
Physics Lab Exploration
Architects design using shapes
Houses made from words!
Our first unit of study? Houses & Homes! Here is what we know about already:
Great start to our kindergarten year!
Connecting with Literature
Met a corn snake? Yes, we did!
Finding Words in Our LSG World