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Bacteria and Antibiotics
DATA Table: Does Honey Inhibit Growth of E Coli Bacteria
The Antibiotic Effect of Honey
Honey as an Antibiotic Results Fall 2016
Bacteria HW reading and Qs
Infectious Disease, Bacteria and Antibiotics
Medical Technology Essay Resources
Using Bacteria to Solve Crimes (Time Magazine Sept 2015)
Defying the Odds on Brain Cancer - Connection to Infection: Phila Inquirer Fall 2014
Antibiotics notes
Bacteria Survey NOV 2013 - Class Data
Chapter 25 in Pharmacology Text - Antibiotics
Quantitative Analysis of Bacteria Samples from Classroom
Overdose Case with Antibiotics due to Dose Miscalculation - new as of Fall 2014
Honey Mud and Maggots HW reading and Article
Antibiotics Classwork
What are Bacteria?
"Sea Sick"
Unit Documents
Notes from 2012
Design an Antibiotic
Antibiotics Save Lives