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Kindergarten News and Learning
KW 2017-2018 Memories
Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Final Assembly slideshow
We can create....with our own two hands
4th grade robot museum
Scratch Jr. and other coding
Medicine Bags
Stop Motion Animation using Hogan Dioramas
Visiting First Grade
Growing Corn and Squash
Trading Post!
I am a Paleontologist
Grandparents and Special Friends Day
Mail Call!
Spring Transitions
Corn on the Cob
Navajo Cradleboards
Google Chat with Vanessa Iyua
Navajo Cradleboards
Navajo Jewelry
Eco Club led Earth Day Celebration
Kindergarten is in charge of pasta and sauce!
Navajo Homes
Choosing Navajo Names
"Secret" Poems in the Woods
Earth Month
What does 100 look like?
April (snow) showers bring May flowers
Hummingbird Nectar Punch
Hummingbirds drinking in slow motion
Hummingbird Kites
How will we get to the Southwest?
Building Transportation
Quiet Time
Number Bonds
Number Bonds
Sharing our work with SCH sisters and friends and family
Fruit Feast
I Look Like A Girl
Proud Designers
We met an astronaut!!
Kindergarteners were inspired by Alma Thomas in art class
Reading to a partner in a special place
Briar Bush
Kindergarten scratch
Bread Making
Black History Month
Read a Fairytale Day
Briar Bush Nature Center Visits
These animals are chattering!
Coding Winter Animals using Scratch
Nocturnal Day
Pajama Day Tuesday
Chinese New Year!
100th Day
Painting like a scientist
Hiking Adventures!
Olympic Celebrations
Cross Country Skiing
Fine motor built skills in many ways
Labeling and Diagrams
Build a Chair for Mrs. Waters
Spring Conferences
SCH Olympic Ceremony on Tuesday
SCH Events
Julie Lythcott-Haims
SOUP-er Bowl Friday!
Eagles inspired Dress Down Day Friday!
Collecting Data on Animals
Animals in Winter - Looking closely and thinking mathematically
Singing to honor Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr. Afternoon of Service
Valentine's Day is around the corner!
SCH Sisters 17-18 first names.docx
Senior buddies
Valentine's Day Name List
Message from Marshall Bell regarding his visit
Animals in Winter Necklaces
Fine Motor Winter Painting
A Visit with Mr. Bell
Winter Word Art
Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Items
Tuesday Reminders
Our first day practicing echo reading
Working with Dr. S and Summer
If I Never Forever Endeavor...
KW Girls Who Code
Reshma Saujani
Finding Galls on Leaves
Kindergarten is in charge of pancakes and syrup!
Mae Jemison, Sally Ride, and Ellen Ochoa
3,2,1, blast off!
3,2,1, blast off!
Calendar reminders
Helping Mercy Get A Cow - A CEL Project
Thanksgiving Baskets
Collaborating to Grow CEL skillsets
Can't Stop Running!
A Real Life Brave Smart Woman and Athlete
Georgia Drew Bones and So Can We!
Painting like Georgia
Willow's Magic Microphones
Brave Smart Rock Climber
Rock Wall Girls Don't Give Up!
Winter Gear!
Thanksgiving Baskets
Thanksgiving Baskets
Balance Board
Balance Board 2017.mp4
Brave Smart Girl Hike
Brave Smart Girl Hike.m4v
Apple Mountain
Apple Mountain.m4v
Eric Carle and Us
Kindergarten Life
We met the Lion before Blue and Gold Day!
Happy Halloween
Encoding Words - Shopping Lists!
SCH Sisters
Blue and Gold Day
Blue and Gold Day
Blue and Gold Day
In the Woods with Magnifying Glasses
Why Study Homes and Houses?
Home list poems
September Learning and Playing
Building Routines, Rituals, and Relationships
Mrs. Waters does not live in Room 9.pdf
SCH Sisters
Science - Looking Closely with Magnifying Glasses
Our First Attempts at Private Reading
Teamwork and Math Across Disciplines
Reading Our World
Meeting Dart
Our First Days Together
Meeting our SCH Senior Buddies
First Day Letter