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Kindergarten News and Learning 2019-2020
100th Day Snack Due 2/19
Maple Syrup Fest
Mark your calendar
Bubble Gloves
Language Arts
Quilts or Show Ways
These Animals Have Something to Say
Briar Bush Nature Center Visit
Celebrating Love and Kindness
Woodland Dress Down Day!
Researching with a safe website
Dress Down Day Reminder
Black History Month
Celebrating Friendship
Valentine's Day Name List 2020
SCH Sisters 19-20.docx
Pointer Power
Singing to and Dancing Like our Pennsylvania Animals
Interviewing classmates
Helping Mrs. Waters Learn About Animals...
Animals in Winter
EE on a sunny chilly winter day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Items
Ten Frame - downloadable PDF
Introducing a Ten Frame
Snowflake Bentley --- a lesson of persistence and determination
Winter Poetry
Winter Concert
We are now Storybook Readers!
Receiving our "Old Favorites"
Storybook recommendations and sharing
Becoming Stronger Storybook Readers
Maya Lin and Zaha Hadid
A Hike for Brave Smart Girls
Brave Smart Girl Hike 2019.mp4
Native American Stories and Gratitude
Run Like Wilma!
Acrostic Poems
Brave Climbers
Rock Wall 2019.mp4
Ashima Shiraishi
Ashima is a brave smart rock wall climber
Demonstration of Learning Morning
Georgia also painted bones.
Autumn Art and Writing
Warm Weather Clothing!
Recognizing Veterans Day
KW on the Highwire
Balancing like Mirette
Who is Georgia O'Keeffe?
What is Brave_.pdf
Thanksgiving Meals.....
apple mountain 2019.mp4
East Playground Fun....
Reading Number Words and Ordering Numbers
October....more than Halloween!
Autumn explorations
Ladybug stick puppets
Clocks and Time to the Hour
Collaborative Writing
Halloween party with our SCH sisters
Insect Poems
Eric Carle and Us
Spirals ---- Finger Gym!
A House for Hermit Crab
Math Chapter 1
Exploring the new playground is fun!
Searching for invertebrates
Brain Breaks - Go Noodle
Turn and Talk to a Partner
Go Blue! Go Gold!
Private reading time with "Learn About the World" books
Why study homes and houses?
Private Reading About the World
The One Day House
Houses and Homes Poetry
Learning about the New Year
KW at 8:17 on Friday :)
Kindergarten scientists and naturalists
Finding Words in the Lower School
First Days of Kindergarten
First Days of Kindergarten.m4v
Ipads in K
Routines, Rituals, and Relationships
Mrs. Waters does not live in Room 114 2019.pdf
KW 2019-2020